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Totally environmentally friendly, it possesses exceptional elongation resistance, remains unchanged in the face of temperature fluctuations, is immune to ultraviolet damage and ensures constant tension at every stage of packaging.

Totally environmentally friendly, temperature and ultraviolet resistant

Extremely handy, safe and cost-effective, polyester strapping offers an additional advantage over steel: in addition to not corroding, it does not cause surface damage to the packaged product.


The high strength of HI-StraPET allows it to bind any type of product, it can be used on both automatic and semiautomatic or manual machines, and it is made exclusively from RPET (Recycled Polyester).

Baer Plast strapping covers a wide variety of applications in various industries: paper, publishing, metal and steel, construction, textile, and wood.


Customize your packaging

Let’s enhance your corporate identity! Our straps can be customized with your logo and company graphics to blend seamlessly with your packaging. Give your products a unique touch and promote your brand.


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We guarantee high performance to the hundreds of papermaking, box-making and publishing industries that have chosen Baer Plast as their partner for their packaging processes and any other application that needs optimum process yield per minute.